Compost proposal from Mark Langner

Mark Langner of MAYTime Compost emailed me with this proposal. What do you think?
Here is an alternate approach to community composting I am working on, and will be piloting this winter. This is based on conversations with several in the Celo community, who want to see their kitchen waste composted, but do not want compost – and do not want to pay a monthly fee.
Initially it will be called The Celo Area Composting Association (CACA). Those who participate will need to get several 3- or 5-gallon buckets, like what the Ingles Deli sells for $1. (These will be called “CACA Buckets”, of course). They can also be purchased from MAYTime. Must have a tight-fitting lid. I will set up an exchange point, where people can pick up empty buckets, and leave full ones. (food waste only, for now). There will be a donation box at the exchange point. Suggested donation is at least $1 per bucket, purely voluntary. Over time we may develop specific “perks” for participation.
Would High Cove be interested in being a pilot as well? (The Cove Area Compost Assn.) Will you update me on what you are all thinking, and give me your thoughts on this… I am eager to get something started and to see how it evolves.